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i'd be very interested in helping out, send me the details, page requirements and i'll see what i can do.

email: thescrapbookersnest at bigpond dot com


Anything for the kids and would love to help. Please send me detail of where I can post some products and details so I can link to my website and blog. Tracy

Lee Mills

Hi Julie,
would love to help out, have a few weeks left then we move so would love to send them off to you before then if I can - please send me details asap and shall see what I can do otherwise I can DEFINITELY help for later camps, will be unpacked and ready to rock mid Jan (moving interstate) xx
Also happy to post details on my blog just 'lead me in the right direction of what to do'!! Lee


Please email me details so that I can participate and forward info onto others I know who would participate. I really admire what you are doing.


Hi Julie
I would love to help and should be able to round up some friends to join in - please email the LO and postal details and I will spread the word


Helen Karanfilovski

I am keen to start making the 6x6 pages, could please e-mail me the details..
Cheers - Helen Karanfilovski.


Could you email me the snail mail? I'd love to do something :)


let me know how i can help =)



i'm just finding this info now. if you still need pages, i would feel blessed to contribute that along with extra supplies. please email me and let me know. thanx for the chance to give back!

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