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Julie Myhill

I just posted some info on my blog with a link back to you! I will contact my LSS and I also have a camp to go to at the end of November...hopefully I can get some pages to you after that!
Wonderful of you to get behind this again :)


OzSwapTillYouDrop will be delighted to support this again, and I'll also post a comment on my blog. What a wonderful job you are doing :)


Petrina McDonald

Onto it!!! And yes - spreading the love on my blog as well ;-)

Deb G

Hullo stranger!!! You know Im in...I will copy and paste this on my blog if thats ok....(Icant believe its been a whole year already!!!)


Hi Julie,
I would be happy to help out with a link in my Blog plus some album pages - could you let me know where to send them?
Happy to help out such a great cause :)
Sares x (Sarah Gladman)

Jayne Smith

Hi Julie have posted some info on my blog too with a link back to here and can definately help out with making some pages for you.


Hey Jules,

So good to be able to get behind this with you again.

Such a huge difference it makes in the childrens worlds.

Will be posting about it on my blog asap.


Cassie Thorne

Well this is truely a gift granted. I'd be ever so pleased to help. You are true beauty for taking this challeng on, obviously a gift to these children is what you are.


Hi Julie,
We have a retreat coming up in May next year(approx. 70 scrappers)where we'd be more than happy to run a challenge based around the largest no. of pages created for the cause :)
Kate & Jen
SCRAPBOOK HQ, Sutherland


First batch are ready to go

ginny christiansen

can u pls contact me at like to know where you are, there are a couple of friends that I would like to put this too but as well I have a milk crate here with bits and scraps that we were going to donate to the childrens ward at the hospital but this sounds like a great cause too..ginny

p.s I'll put a link on my blog(s) too

ginny christiansen

as well as putting it on both my blogs i have forwarded this information on to my lss and also posted about it on 8 aussie forums that I'm a member of, this is a VERY worthwhile cause and I'd love to help in any way I can..

my hats off to you guys :0)

Wendy Smith

great to see this happening again....will be sending in some for sure


I would love to help out.

Marg S

Happy to help in any way I can - plz email me details of page requirements & where to send 'stash surplus'/pages.


I would also love to help out with some pages. If you could just email me the info needed that would be fantastic. I am also going to put a link on my blog.


I own an on line scrap store called here in Nowra i would be happy to pop your link in to our forum and see if i can get some of our DT girls and members to help out i for one will be happy to make some pages and i will pop a link in my blog for you ...if you could email me the details i can get started ...


I would love to help out with sending some of my stash I dont use I have heaps in it, please email me an address to send the products to, I can also do a few pages


I found this link on one of my fav online stores (craft bears and bits) and I would love to help out with scrapping a few pages and donating some scrap supplies ... I am about to embark on a major clean out!!!!! If you could email me what your requirements are and when and where to send them that would be great!


Heard about this cause last year, so would be happy to help this year.
I own a home based scrapbooking business, so I'll ask my regular croppers to help out.
I can also put together a parcel of scrap supplies.
Please let me know what you need and where I can send them.


Hi Julie
I saw your info on Janine Kaye's blog. I was so taken by your cause and I have already completed one book.
I am having a stamping up party on the 5th of Dec and have asked to demonstator if we could all complete a page and put it together and send them off to you. Will it be too late if I send them the second week of December?


Hi Julie,

I'd really love to promote this on my website - Cld you contact me to let me know the most effective way we can help you. Annie

Michelle Goton-Bertuzzi

Hey Julie,
I am more than happy to help. Please send me the details. If you click on my family photo in my blog, it'll take you to my profile where you can send me an e-mail. Sorry, I'm trying to avoid spam e-mails & I can't use html codes on the comments section to just give you a link.


Hi Julie, We have put a post up in our forum for all the girls to read about this wonderful venture. If we can have postal details on where the layouts should be sent that would be wonderful.
I am looking forward to helping out this very worthy cause.


Hi Julie, please send me details as I would love to help and any excuse to clean out my stash and donate. Cheers, Lizzie

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