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February 2010

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What a Blessing! Thank you so much for all the time you put into these pages. We loved them but the kids loved them so much more!

Marie Noske

Oh wow!!!! That's wonderful news, Julie. Thanks for letting us know. (I've got tears in my eyes)


Amazing, inspiring and heartwarming Julie! Thank you for letting us all be a part of the journey too! Congratulations for making a difference in these childrens lives!


Amazing! My little heart is fluttering just thinking about those kids - look at them, so entranced!!! Wonderful, wonderful stuff!


Thanks Julie so much for keeping us updated. The children certainly look so happy, you should be so proud.

Take Care,
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Debbie Y

All I can say is ... Awesome!


What a great feeling to have been a part of this - the photos are incredible. Yes - tears in eyes!


Thanks for sharing with us Julie .... what a wonderful sense of how good it feels to know that we made a difference !


Thank you so much for keeping us updated. It was a privilege to be able to help make these children smile. My toddler loves looking at my scrapbooks, so I can only imagine the joy that these children feel when they look at their very own books. I am sure they will all be loved and treasured.


Thank you for sharing this with us...I am so proud of you and all the people that gave their time to these kids.

Wendy Smith

Thanks julie for all your hard work..I am so glad that these little peices of our work, gave such joy to the kids around Australia...thanks for letting us be involved in such a tiny way.


Hi, I just wanted to thank all the lovely peoples who helped make those wonderful memory books for the SCKC 2008. I was a buddy at the camp for the first time this year. During our spare time we headed off to the secret cabin5 room and worked on our scrapbooks. I really wanted to thank you all soooooo much, because you took the time out to help us with the books I could take that extra time to be with the children who had been loaned too me for the week. Thank you thank you soooooo much it meant that i didnt have to spend countless hours starting from scratch. My time was used up for the children. The album i chose were so lovingly crafted i fealt really proud to put my little fingerprint on it. I know both my girls were in awe when they received their books!!! Than k again. It was priceless what you did.


Oh you made me cry. Thankyou for organising this. I am so delighted that the books were so well received. It was a very fulfilling experience being part of this.


Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to all those wonderful people who made scrapbook pages!!! As a buddy on camp it was an amazing blessing to have the pages done for us. The scrapbooks we were able to give the kids were the best ever. They will be treasured for years to come.


you guys are amazing! I was a buddy on camp for the 3rd time this year and am pretty sure i have never been to bed so early on the final night before! It is normally all taken up with crazy last minute page building and creating! You saved us an amazing amount of work and stress by the fantastic pages that you all created for us, Thank you soooo much!


thank you to all the scrapbookers from all over the world... the books were all spectacular and all unique it made our job on camp so much easier we even got to get to bed at 1.00 on the last night knowing that all the books were finished and ready for the kids. thankyou thankyou thankyou times a milloion


Jules that is such an amazing effort on the part of you and your team.
Congrats on everything you have done to help the little children.
Lee :)

Deb Godley

Jules...this is beautiful. Thanks so much for the update. I love that there is a camp like this ..and i love that the kids get to smile. ..and thanks for letting us be a part of it all...xxooo

Julie M

Julie, Thank you for sharing this info' with us, it really is such a wonderful camp and I am so glad that I could help. Keep up the great work Julie,you truly are an angel and a big congrats to all the team on SCKC !!!! Great job...


to all those wonderfully creative people who made amazing pages for the photo albums/memory books for us buddys to use at this years SCKC you have absolutely no idea how grateful i am to you. i love working with these kids, but i dont have a creative bone in my body. this is the 6th camp i have done and in the past making these precious memory albums has been a bit of a stress to me.....i know how much the children love receiving them, and compare...this year not only did i have all my photos in albums and was up to date on day 3, but they looked absolutely fantastic.....i kept showing off to everyone how creative i had been by placing a photo on the page....we used to use glue but Julie has taught us that is a no no!!!!!

i dont think i can quite stress how grateful i am to all you creative people for making those pages and making camp so much easier for me and providing such fantastic, appealing and tactile pages for the children of SCKC, who by the way just get so much from those memory albums...

so thank you again and again and again.....thanks Julie for your passion for this too. thanks heaps too to Sarah who helped me heaps.

hopefully will work with you again in making a difference in these childrens lives.


Tammy Tolman

As the Director of one of the camps, I just want to say a BIG thankyou for all the people that made the pages for our camp. The leaders were so excited to see all the hard work done for them, they were so excited about their books looking so professional and the kids were over come with joy to see such a beautiful memory that was created just for them. I can garantee that the children will treasure these books for years to come and that they will be a anchor of love and hope for them during the difficult challenges they may face. You have all played such a key role in that and for that I thank you.

Tammy Tolman
(SCKC Camp Director)

Julie Takacs

Oh Jules I've got all teary reading your update!
How wonderful that the camps and the memory books were such a hit...I feel privileged to be able to play some small part in their success.
Congrats to you Jules for all your fantastic effort in making these books a reality for the kids!!


Just reading those comments from the buddies and seeing the pics of the kids with their books - man this is such a worthwhile thing to do!! I'll be adding some for the next lot for sure!


way to make me cry Julie! I'm so happy the kids and carers loved the pages.


WOW!!! What a wonderful, wonderful gift you all gave to those kids- the whole experience sounds just amazing, & I'd love to be a part of the next one, contributing whatever I can. For someone who's only just become aware of the project, I can't wait to find out more details, & get started for next year!!!Congratulations to you all- job well done!

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