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Julie, what a wonderful thing you have done for these children and we all have been more than happy and blessed ourselves to help out in our own small ways. Have a super time!

Debbie Y

Looking back at youre first post about ScKc and your hope to create 1600 pages it now seems like such a small ask, lol. I bet you never in your wildest dreams imagined you would get over 4 times the number of pages you asked for!

I take my hat off to everyone involved for giving their time and talent to create these special pages for the children to cherish for ever and I am glad to have beem able to contribute a few pages as well.

Congrats to everyone, and especially you Julie, you should be very proud of yourself and the wonderful results achieved.

I hope the kids all have a fantastic time at camp ... they deserve it!


Congratulations and I hope you enjoy the next two weeks.
Have fun


camp was amazing... thankyou so much to all the scrapbookers who donated pages. are amazing and i love you soooo much.

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