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Hey Jules, of course you can count on me. I'll spread the word! When do you need them by?


Jule. I would love to it too late to bring them up at the end of March

Nikala O'Brien

Hi Julie,
I'd love to know some more info on the scrapbooks you require for the kids.
My email is:

Julie Takacs

Hey Jules!...I'd be happy to help out again this year....when do you need the LO's by???


Count me in Julie - I had actually put aside a pile of product for you because Janine had mentioned your scrapbooks previously, so I'm all ready. I will make as many as I can and will speak to the others at my lss to see if they can help. When do you need them by and where can I drop it off to? My email is Cheers, Lisa.


Hi Julie,
Ill help out too! :-) Sending an email thru to you now


Julie - when do you need them buy (found you through janine's blog)
would LOVE to help out


Love to help out. Have sent you an email. :)


Hi Julie,
I got a link to your blog, from Marieke.
I'd love to help! When you need these pages by? Also is there a particular theme I should make?

Wendy Gaskin

I would love to help Julie! I live in western Qld, so I'll get some done and then contact you for an address to post them to.


What a fantastic idea - love it!!! I read about this on Nic Howard's blog and followed the links and here I am signing up! Will send you an email now to find out where I can send my pages.
Cheers, P.

Susan McGuire

I read about this project on Kathie Link's blog this morning and think it's a fantastic idea. I am more than happy to help and have emailed you showing my support. Thanks for advertising this. I love helping a worthy cause and simple scrapping is something I can manage. Have a great day.


HI Julie,

What a wonderful idea!!I'd love to take part!! Shall email you.

Khei de Dios

hi Julie. count me in. please send me an email for the full details.


Hi Jules, Yes I would be happy to make several basic scrapbook pages. Please tell me when they are need and where to mail them.



Kathryn posted your link on our Forum - would love to help out. Please send me where we need to send them and by when.


Michelle Rogers

Would love to help and happy to post a request on our blog and send all the pages together, please let me know details of when you will need them...


It would be a privelege to be involved with this project. Scraps of card, pieces of paper, left over embellishments seem such trivial things in the face of the deprivation these children have exeperienced but if these things help lighten the load and foster hope for their future I'm in!
Please let me know what I can do, when you need the pages and where I can send them.

Amy B

Hi there,
I would love to help.
Let me know how to get some pages to you.


I'd love to help too! Please let me know where you would like the pages mailed.


Hey - this is a great idea. I am on a deadline to complete a wedding anniversary album in 2 weeks, but if you give me the deadline and postal address I'll see what I can do....

Julie Marshall

very happy to help you with this great cause....
can create about 40 pages and I can send a bundle of stock too if that helps - just let me know what will assist and make it easy for you. Happy to put a notice on the forum too.


Hi Julie,

I'm interested in what you are doing for SCKC. I'm wondering if it would be ok to list this on my Forum and ask my Members for assistance?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take Care,
Check out our Forum!


Hi Julie, please send me the address whre to send the LO's for Southern Cross. I'm ready to send them off. Thanks


I would love to help you out with this project could you please email me with your po box and any other info?

What a wonderful thing you are doing!! :)

Thanks kelly xox

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