SCKC Memory Books 2010

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This is fantastic Julie!! They look awesome!! Please put me down again to donate next year!


Fiona Carter


These books look wonderful, and such an beautiful reminder for these kids of their time at the camp.

You obviously put a lot of thought and time into the preparation and it sounds as though it was very rewarding.

Thanks for sharing.




Julie these books look amazing!

Julie T

Oh Jules, the memory books look absolutely fantastic!!!...I can see why the kids would be thrilled with them! You and the buddies did a wonderful job!...awesome stuff!! :)


Hey Julie,
thanks for all your hard work and patience, with us tired buddies. You were such a blessing. Thanks too, to all those who donated such beautiful scrap booking stuff, it really made the kids feel, what we had been teling them all week, that "they are valuble". It was so special to give them such beautiful memories. I am so happy that you got photos of the covers it was really exciting to see them again. thanks again, looking forward to working with you again next year.

Marie Noske

Julie, they are beautiful! It would be a hard heart who wouldn't be moved by these. God bless you.


Jules, so so so pleased that it went well and the books were a huge hit. They look absolutely darn amazing! I have tears in my eyes for the hard work that you and everyone put into them and the results that will mean so much to these kids in years to come. Wow.

If you need more next year, please let me know. I'd be happy to help again!

Cor, on this cold autumn night you have warmed my heart. Thank you.

Missy Langford

I am absolutely amazed and awed at the time you took to make such a difference in these children's lives. May God bless you and keep His hand on you and all that you do.

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