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SAHM to 3 and Wife to 1


I am a 38yrold SAHM, three kids. 19yrold Boy, 14yrold Boy and 12yrold Girl. I am a wife to one, often frustrating although very tolerant of me hubby.

We live on a beautiful property in the Illawarra nestled in the escarpment. Surrounded by dry rainforest and dense bush we live a very peaceful life. Feels miles from suburbia yet is only 12minutes to kids school!

I have been scrap booking for almost a year and enjoy it immensely. I have always been creative and have tried countless crafts, although scraping has been the only thing that has held my immagination for so long!

Thanks for reading about me!

Til Later



Reading, Scrapbooking, blog hopping, bush walking, occasional canyoner and abseiling, soppy movies and thrillers, cooking